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I'm not tagging anyone btw cause fuck that I'm Lazy.... = v= ' Story of my life i swear.. I just wanted to do this for Kuro Babu~

Got tagged by :iconkuroleopard:, for little StormyDay

1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. Cause I'm lazy :P
4. Post the characters' names along with their creators' avatars. Again not doing it cause lazy @ w @

1. StormyDay was a pony oc that originated from an idea created on Pony Creator... believe it or not... >>' (Floating Dream First drawing)

2. StormyDay was going to be an alicorn, turned from the dark magic of a mystic relic that gave those powers to grant their wishes but turned them into stone once they achieved said wish. 

3. StormyDay's name had been tossed up in the air several times. Mostly dumb names.. cause i can't remember them.. i think one was silver wing..and I remember i was trying to come up with a new name and was going to make Storm's name StormCloud but I already named Cloud, CloudStomper.. and Didn't want to make more confusion.

4. He actually really likes riddles and puzzles o v o/. His favorite is sliding puzzles.

5. Is terribly afraid of dogs and wolves... especially timberwolves... which makes it more strange when CloudStomper becomes Luquus.. >>' Will not go near a dog for the life of him. 

6. Day's favorite storms are thunder storms. He even tries to hum or play instruments to make music with the sound of the storms.

7. StormyDay's favorite teacher is CloudStomper's brother, BrightSwirl. Sometimes he will go over for mini lessons much to Cloud's distaste.

8. Day does not have any justice moral like his father. He easily can be swayed to darker temptations, and can turn a blind eye on dark deeds. Only moral he really has is to those he has mutual loyalty to, mainly those he's really close to. Only then does it seem like he has a moral compass for good... but on his own >> he really doesn't care.

There... LOL 

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